(the charts appear in the order they arrive at funk-me.  charts are compiled exclusively for funk-me.  if you wish to submit a chart please email here and request the chart info - please do not just send a chart hoping it will appear here!)

previous charts

favourite tunes - compilers own theme - october / november 2003

funk-me - young lee - martin batacuda - funki g - ben taaffe  - dj cosmo - dom servini - adam 'almagest' cruz - simon haggis - dj marcia carr - mkl - laura stone - pete adarkwah - james starling - lee bright - dj kyri - dj debbie - diaspora recordings - ben jolly - g-man - matt m

funk-me "fifteen" (not in any particular order)



donnie – “cloud 9” (dj spinna mix) [giant step/motown]

roy ayers - “searching / brand new feeling” [bbe] - first twelve incher from the vaults of mr ayers!

roland brival – “sakitayo” (yoruba soul mix) [isma'a] - osunlade on point again

george levin - “in your car” (dj spinna remix) [sonar kollektiv]

various - “bobbito : earthtones” [r2] - great latin excurstion into  the world of new york's bobbito

alison david – “dreams come true” [goya] - bugz's afronaught production...awesome

glenn underground - “look inside” [shelter]

soul amour – “babalu” [phearcemusica]

pete rock – “deda: the original baby pa” [bbe cdr] - one of two unreleased albums coming soon.

slam mode - "umri ep" [spiritual life] - thank you mr lopez!

patti drew – “hard to handle” [illicit] - nice lil seven inch reissue

alma faye - "don't fall in love" [flamingo]

stephanie cooke – “i never told you (you could stay)” (ricanstruction mix) [king street]  

three generations walking - "three generations walking" (album) [spiritual life]

donnie – “cloud 9” (quentin harris shelter mix) [giant step/motown] - why choose between this and the spinna version? get both!


current tunes by young lee (in no particular order):

each saturday 6 hour session at the bedroom bar, rivington st, shoreditch
last sunday of the month hip hop session with the hiphoperatives - electricity showrooms shoreditch

fri 10th dust - clerkenwell
sat 18th - 3-5pm playing in 55dsl store near carnaby st
weds 22nd - elbow rooms - islington

3rd - chinawhites
4th - rex - w1
5th - montys knightsbridge
7th - cafe de paris
12th - elbow rooms - islington

you can down load a mix of mine at
www.55dslfm.co.uk /



d'nell – “thats how i know” [furioustyles/abstract blue] - lyrical beat driven vibes all the way, in your shops v. soon complete with a breakreform mix...nod ya head, stomp ya feet!

various – “
bobbito presents earthtones” [r2] - the forthcoming album on r2 records is a complete winner, the mighty bobbito digs left right and in the center. latin tinged beat driven genre unspecific niceness. the best of trance 22 this ain't!

ursula rucker – “
release/untitled flow” [k7 promo] - damn.....poetry done good. one side filthy hip hop beats the other more up tempo precussive bizniz. ursula gives it the chat and wins hands down.

nathan haines – “
squire for hire album sampler” [chilli funk] - this geezer can do no wrong...dirt mcgert!

electric soul – “
album sampler” [pias] - tracks from the forthcoming album compiled by those manc catz the unabombers, includes carl craig, phil ashe ...yep.

vikter duplaix – “
morena” [white] - vikter's voice is gentle like a summer meadow.

marcos valle – “
parabens” (bugz in the attic mix) - the bugz take roc hunters brazilian shuffle westside.

alison david (afronaught mix) – “
dreams come true” [white] - afronaught is the lick and this tune rocks, a vocal lead broken beast with biggity balls. heard the new york cat mkl drop this the other week, it made me feel all funny.

fudge – “
if i had a band” [kif records] - warm, vocal house from france oui.

steppah huntah – “
walk this step” (seiji mix) [compost] - electroclash fashion stompa from seiji...luckily not! -

solid groove – “
3-stylin e.p.” [lounging] - tough as you like uptempo roller with a slight afro feel.

terri walker – “
drawing board” (jay hannan remix) - this gal looked det at the recent mercury awards, pretty as a peach! jay hannan brings out the funk here, dancefloor bizniz.

erykah badu – “
danger” [motown] - the mighty badu is back in full effect. taken from the forthcoming album worldwide underground this feels like the sleaze with dark undertones. fine.

dj shadow and cut chemist – “
product placement breaks" - 20 original tracks used by these catz. nice songs and that...innit.

rodamaal feat. nicinha – “
musica feliz” [buzzin fly] - coming outta on ben watts newish imprint this is a nugget. call me shallow but ladies singing in spanish (or is that portugese?) over a house beat does the job for me. done.

king britt – “
superstar” (the remixes) – [bbe] - 'superstar thats what you are' well i'm not thank god else i'd probably end up in the tabloids getting caught with billie piper in a compromising position.

pharrell (yam who edit) – “
frontin” [yam who] - cheeky, like the squelchy noises at the end of the track.

chingy – “
right thurr” [capitol] - st. louis catz giving it chat about fine women. nice.

mister k edit – “
are you my woman” - tune that beyonce sampled, dancefloor killer.

dj spinna and bobbito – “
the wonder of stevie” [harmless] - respects are paid to the great man

"feelings early soundtrack" by martin batacuda (not in any particular order): 

martin batacuda -  chief spiel creator at www.batacuda.com and resident at no hard feelings, the soulfuelled cherry jam saturday nighter with future guests:

oct 18th brooks [mantis records]

nov 1st rhythm doctor [mutant disco]

nov 29th with hype re-edit maestro blackbeard.  

email martin@batacuda.com for more....

georg levin – “you know what you want” [sonar kollectiv]

lyrical born – “callin' out” [quannum]

low budget soul – “mystery rose” [abstract blue]

b soul – “love” [poji]

naked music presents – “trentemoeller ep” [naked records]

nick holder – “history in the making” [nrk]

d'angelis and urbano – “q-tip's mambo” [skuff]

sasso – “tudo bem” [sing sing music 7"]

allen anthony – “alright” (blackbeard re-edit) [w/l]

julius papp – “drums de voodoo part 2” [neodisco]

ursula rucker – “untitled flow” (king britt mix) [k7]

leroy burgess – “heartbreaker” [salsoul]

current chart by funki g (in no particular order).

funki g used to be heard on cn soho live!

catch her djing at one off's in and around london.  dj's weekly at wkd, camden, every friday.


shirley ellis – “complete congress recordings” [connoisseur collection]

various – “biz breaks” [white label bought from vinyl junkies]

taja sevelle – “sympathy for the devil” [basement boys records]

music for madeleine ep – “particularly keep safe” [low pressings]

harold heath – “somebody” [sensei]

rodamaal feat nicinha – “musica feliz” [buzzin fly records]

various – “defected in the house part 2” [defected]

various – “old skool hip hop and funk classics vol 5” [second to none]

malcolm joseph – “in your eyes” [ustar records]

rhomantony – “whoo ha remix” [floorplay]


"best twelves" by ben taaffe (not in any particular order):

ben taaffe can be heard spinning soulful house and other deep music in various clubs and bars around perth, western australia. he currently holds down two weekly residencies and co-hosts weekly radio shows on liquid fm every thursday and the ‘underground solution’ on rtr fm every saturday night. catch the underground solution streaming live in realaudio every saturday night between 9 and 12 (local time) at http://www.rtrfm.com.au/listen.htm.

john beltran - “kissed by the sun” [ubiquity]

the blackbyrds - “mysterious vibes (maw remix)” [z records]

theo parrish - “friendly children“ [sound signature]

louie vega - “nico’s song & africa/brasil” [vega]

fertile ground - “the moment (seiji remix)” [counter point]

v/a - “improvisto 2 pre-release sampler” [hi top]

clara hill - “here” [sonar kollektiv]

roy davis jr - “paradise” [large]

pepe bradock - “4” [atavisme]

soulstation - “you” (dj spinna mix) [west end]

pole/fourtet - “fourtet vs pole ep” [post everything]


"in cosmo's room" by dj cosmo (in no particular order):

having dj'd at body and soul and the loft parties in new york, cosmo now blesses us with her soulful grooves in london.  residencies around london; you can catch her at various spots around the globe.

she also runs bitches brew record label




dorothy ashby – “afro-harping” [cadet]

jackie mittoo – “champion in the arena 1976 – 1977” [blood and fire]

kraftwerk – “tour de france soundtracks” [kling klang / emi]

various – “the disco-tech of dj cosmo” [yellow productions]

john coltrane – “soultrane” [prestige]

various - "darker than blue: soul from jamdown 1973-1980" [blood and fire]

rhythm & sound with tikiman - "showcase" [burial mix]

yusef lateef - "the blue yusef lateef" [atlantic]

ulrich schauss - "a strangely isolated place" [towerblock]

carl craig - "abstract funk theory" [obsessive]

"rework that booty ten" by dom servini (not in any particular order): 

dom servini dj's at mouseorgan (herbal, oct 25th with florian keller, russ dewbury and spouseorgan; dec 27th with gerry o'rourke and jelly jazz), speedy's audio repair, smiths and various venues world wide. coming up: oct 24th linda lewis @ jazz cafe, dj support ; oct 31st pantone, zurich with minus 8 ; nov 1st mind fluid, sosho; nov 7th grand central with nigel prankster; nov 15th suburb @ cargo with alison crockett, rollercone and yam who; nov 21st hospitality @ herbal; nov 28th sting, stavanger with snorre seim; nov 29th cafe opera, bergen with bjorn inge. dom runs wah wah 45s (bliss by rosie brown b/w quantic remix out now!) and wah wahmoose, writes for straight no chaser mag and hosts radio shows on www.freaked.co.uk and www.milkaudio.com . check www.wahwah45s.com for more info.

beatconductor – “crazy in kingston” [g.a.m.m.] – ” [g.a.m.m.] – beyonce samples the chi-lites..now the beatconductor takes beyonce to jamaica and beyond!

alison crockett – yam who reworks  [wah wah 45s] – forthcoming dancefloor reworkings of miss crockett's finest moments

freeway feat. allen anthony – “alright” (blackbeard rework) [blackbeard] - more lush jazz hop from that man with the dark facial hair!

beatconductor – “come on” [cd-r] - a latin dancefloor bomb from the fanatical beat boy.

12th floor – “take it back” [cd-r] - keep your eyes out for this wicked little soul jazz shuffler!

dwayne morgan – “everything” (yam who rework) [counterpoint] - spiritual soul meets jazzual house..it's those yamsters again!!

nicola conte meets aldemaro romero – “tema de la onda” [dιjΰ vu] - conte and his band cover romero's original to swinging effect.

koop – “modal mile” (2 banks of 4 remix) [compost] - killer rework from zinger and the boys.

red astaire – “rollin' stone” [g.a.m.m.] - the follow up to "follow me"..badu gets the g.a.m.m. touch!

only child feat. amp fiddler – “find a way” (yam who remix) [grand central] - lush remix bizz from those mysterious yam who chaps once again.


"current chart" by adam 'almagest' cruz (not in any particular order): 

hailing from new york city, adam cruz got his musical roots from his neighborhood, from latin to hip hop to freestyle to disco.

djs at: "red" and "andalu" alongside 95 north and moncef belyamani in washington, dc and baltimore, also "filter 14", "bang the party", alongside yellorange and e-man, respectively, in nyc.  he has played internationally at "notting hill arts club", "the elbow room", and "soshomatch" in london.

check out the almagest and special guests at his weekly residency at halcyon in brooklyn called "mixtape sessions."  

terri walker - "drawing board" (jay hannan mix)

sia - "waiting for you" [promo]

whitney houston vs. dj pope - "love will save the day" (b-soul's sanctuary mix) [promo]

johnnick presents the return of the meat men - "light" [4th floor]

johnnick feat. jerry santiago - "a breath of fresh air" [promo]

riverside feat. de'monica - "raindrops" (matthias heilbronn mix)

soulstation - "you" (dj spinna mixes) [west end records]

marcus enochson/e-man - "i am the road" (bugz in the attic mix) [maw promo]

mr. v feat miss patty - "sole channel anthem" [ricanstruction label promo]

protein - "the revolution" (mixtape sessions mix) [unsigned]

"current chart" by simon haggis (in no order)

simon can be seen djing in the uk and around the globe.

resident dj at the whistlebump events, records as klash

check out the autumn boat party on october 17th with franηois kevorkian.

more info on the website: www.whistlebump.co.uk


soul central – “strings of life” [whistlebump]

d'nell – “time 2 say” [furious styles cdr]

solar house – “harmony blues” [large]

freedon soundz feat vanessa freeman – “feelings” [goya]

olav brekke mathisen and sideshow jogge – “lp sampler”

nikos – “speaking in tongues” [under my skin]

carl craig – “demented (or just crazy)” [planet e]

donnie – “cloud 9” (shelter mix) [giant step]

ambrosia – “thats how much i love you” [shelter]

solu music – “night at the barracuda” [solu]

alison david – “dreams” [goya]

mandrillus sphynx – “4 songs bt mandrillus sphinx” [twentythree records]

ronny jordan – “st. tropez” [sony]

bliss - quantic remix - wah wah

me and the gang – “bohanon” (dk edit) [cdr]

reel people – “butterflies” [papa]


current chart from dj marcia carr. (in no order)

 marcia carr's profile is way too long to list here! she guest dj's at major parties and guest presents radio shows. current events include our time is coming/propoganda/pick up the fish - london.

don't forget to check her website: www.plasticmine.nl

jazzinho – “yambou” [ecco chamber] - good ol’ phlash asher drops a heavy jazz fusion rub for the fling foot heads… listen and learn!

ambrosia – “that’s how much i love you” [shelter cd-r] - what a hook…?  a soul-searching matter to make you cry with joy is finally released.

a.s.e. – “bongo” [sahara cd-r] - t-kolai add some fluttering of flutes; while taking the tempo up taha’s mix does the job too maintaining a leftfield flow.  superb!

willy washington vs. king unique – “ain’t no looking ahead” [cd-r] - a naughty but rather tasty dance floor liaison that deserves to be heard everywhere!

b-soul ft. sheila ford – “love” [poji] - first class production from dj pope topped with ms ford’s lovely jazzy vocal.

dave storm ft. max c – “lovin’ u” [cdr] - the estonian kid’s polished admiration for his us peers shows with this killer hit mix in the making.

kabuki – “tempest” [head to toe] - not for the faint hearted, this fling-foot affair rocks from head to toe in this eclipse of original broken jazz beats, accompanied by a thrilling atjazz remix.

pharrell williams ft. jay-z – “frontin’” [arista] - trust me the instrumental does the trick, i love it!

copeland green – “unconditional love” [souls our style recordings test] - one for the soul house heads world wide from a brand new label with a debut release. 

belita woods & leroy burgess – “best of me” [basement boys test] - a quality sir piers floor-filling boogie gem.

neon heights – “listen to the music” [shiva] - magik johnson’s mix is a celebration of deepness and how i like it.

donnie – “cloud 9” [shelter] - quentin harris’ mix kicks starts a love affair of nu soul with some tasteful house beats.

t kolai – “zouk” [chilli funk] - mr asher (again) is in his element with another top mix in the bag.

teddy douglas – “bombelaya” [basement boys]  - percussion heavy fanfare of beats to work you up into a sweat.

hardsoul ft. ron caroll – “back together” [soulfuric] - j’adore the classique main mix – sheer excιllence!


"current twelve" by mkl (not in any particular order)

a profile way too long to list here...

producer and visionary behind the innovative underground dance group three generations walking (spiritual life music) involved with spiritual life records.  teamed up with producer soy sos in 1998 - mkl vs soy sos 

dj's regularly at new york venues such as body & soul, psi, giant step, centro fly and spun to thousands at central park's summer stage in july 2002. 


slam mode - "usoni" [ibadan (cdr)]

3 generations walking - "feed" [spiritual life music]

radiohead - "i am citizen insane" [emi]

francois k - "live at sonar” [sonar music]

mr. g - "the day after b"- new blood ep [shuffle records]

gaelle - "falling" [naked music]

roland brival - "sakitayo" (osunlade remix) [promo]

amp fiddler - "love & war" ep [genuine]

jephte guillaume presents johanna saint-pierre - "l'ame eternelle" [ibadan]

wighnomy brothers "24/7" (original mix) [nightclubbing.music]

roy ayers - "searching" [bbe]

the amalgamation of soundz -"fabric 12" [fabric records]


current ten by laura stone (in no order):

regular bookings around the uk has ensured laura is one of the best rising soulful house dj's around. regular gigs at garage city, played at ministry of sound, voodoo lounge and many more....

....also appearing alongside conrad bool and maria p on solar radio.

barbara walker – “saved me” [soulshine]

reel people feat dyanna fearon – “butterflies” [papa]

leroy burgess and belita woods – “best of me” [basement boys]

groove junkes feat indeya – “oh lord” [morehouse]

the latin project –  “lei lo lai”  (maw remix) [electric monkey us]

siji – “feels like” [bbe]

soulstation – “you” [west end]

rasmus faber – “ever after” [farplane]

ritma de rua – “universal love” [soulfuric]

lisa millet – “closer” [look at you]


 current favourites being played by pete adarkwah of barely breaking even records (not in any particular order)

pete can be seen djing in and around london with ben jolly at 'bubbling over' @ bar rumba on sundays, monthly @ cherry jam, monthly @ neighbourhood and at other one off's.




roy ayers – “virgin ubiquity” album [bbe]

dobie – “the ride” [bbe]

pete rock – “soul survivor ii” [bbe]

busta rhymes – “light your ass on fire” [star trak]

andre 3000 – “hey love” [arista]

obie trice – “got some teeth” [shady]

ambrosia – “that’s how much i love you” [shelter]

patrice rushen – “settle for my love” [elektra]

doug carn – “higher ground” [black jazz]

roy ayers – “you came into my life” [polydor]


"current ten" by james starling (not in any particular order)

james currently works for 'charged' (the dance division of vital distribution) where he specializes in funk, soul, dub, hip hop and deep house releases. 

he is also responsible for the fidgit record label and clubs and can often be found behind the decks (or at the bar) at the pool, the embassy, fridays at plan b and various other clubs/bars in and around london.



mark ronson – “ooh wee” [east west]

richy pitch – “the green lanes ep” [above the clouds cdr]

amy winehouse – “stronger than me” [island]

fred – “take it back” [fidgit recordings]

freq nasty with rodney p – “come let me know” [skint]

dr rubberfunk – “bossa for the devil” [gps]

ty – “ha ha” [big dada]

mr scruff – “giffin” (amalgamation of soundz remix) [ninja tune]

quantic soul orchestra – “pushin on” [tru thoughts]

dj format – “ill culinary behaviour” (young einstien remix) [genuine]


"rocking my cd player" by lee bright of bbe records and recreation records (in no particular order):

lee is also promoter & resident of the extended family

 catch lee dj’ing whenever he gets a gig!




bob dylan – "the hurricane" [columbia]

the clash – "guns of brixton" [epic]

roy ayers – "searching" (africa 70 version) [bbe]

blur – "think tank" (album) [virgin]

vikter duplaix – "morena" (remix) [?]

various artists – "earthtones" compiled by bobbito [r2]

willie shakespeare – "henry v" (dvd) produced & directed by laurence olivier (incredible)

will i am – “mustb21” album [bbe]

black eyed peas – “elephunk” album [interscope]

dj medhi – "the story of espion" [virgin]


"if i was to make a mixtape eighteen" by dj kyri. (not in particular order)

kyri runs r2 records: www.r2records.com

catch him every week at yes my friend, akbar, dean street w.1 at right area with jeremy newall & frankie valentine, [plastic people] and various spots on planet earth

bobbito's 'earthtones' is available now



prince – “north” [npg]

annette peacock – “survival” [aura]

roy ayers – “virgin ubiquity” [bbe cdr] 

e.badu – “bump it” [motown]

zion i – “flow” (instrumental) [live up]

dobie ft lane – “the ride” [bbe/magnificent 7]

jaylib – “champion sound” [stones throw lp]

pete rock ft pharoahe monch – “just do it” [bbe cdr]

time machine – “a million and one things to do” (instrumental) [r2 test]

busta rhymes – “light your a** on fire” [star trak]

outkast – “happy valentines day” [arista]

hugh masekela – “mama” (metro area dub) [verve]

andres – “love hurts” [mahogani music]

osunlade – “mr president” [cdr]

tata vasquez – “suite guaracho pt 2” (beatfanatic rework) [counterpoint]

floetry – “say yes” (house mix) [?]

roland brival – “sakitayo” (yoruba soul mix) [isma'a]

anthony hamilton – “comin' from where i'm from” [so so def]


dj debbie - "current ten" (in no order)

likely to be playing on my outernational vibes show on www.gaialive.co.uk alt sats between 4-6pm i dj at various places – when asked!



various – “drum & tribe cyber jam vol 2 african break beats” mixed by genetic drugs [blue flame records & germany’s multikulti radio] - simply superb, try ladysmith black mambazo housed up or the rootsman + alien hifi let loose on ancient griot vibes. 

various – “siddharta: spirit of buddha bar – vol 2” (selected by ravin) [george v] - the darkly uplifting charles webster remix of sekouba bambino now has permanent residence on my decks let alone karsh kale’s ‘letting go’. treat!’

denys baptiste – “let freedom ring” [dune records] - 40 years on martin luther king’s ‘i have a dream’ speech still resonates and inspired baptiste’s retro-modern sax and deep compositions which powerfully evoke a world where it could be real. 

various – “pathaan’s indian sunset” [altura] - chilled selection with exclusives like the dum dum project featuring orchestral world groove (pathaan vs gaudi) and ikarus’ anthemic ‘praying to different gods’

oumou sangare – “oumou” [world circuit] - oumou’s first album for 4 years is forthright in championing women’s rights. the new tracks are even more adventurous musically than the wassoullou-beat favourites also presented.

various – “tulear never sleeps” [sterns earthworks] - subtitled tsapiky guitars from madagascar, this is wild and wonderful speed box guitar like u could never recreate mechanically with real raw voices, mostly female. special and different.

poetz 4 peace – “a pair of olive leaves” dub plate [c olive tree music 2003] - haji mike’s lifelong explorations of his cypriot roots vs reggae find beautiful expression herein with fine poetry/lyrics seeking unity and peace, especially in divided cyprus.

mounia sahara – “i got a joy” [silver-globe records] - she’s canadian of moroccan parentage and she’s created a real classic conscious roots reggae joy.

studio pagol – “serendipity” [le maquis/discovery] - arabic/asian styled electronica informs this belgium-based collective’s impressive danceable and listenable debut

bobi cespedes – “rezos” [6 degrees] - departure for six degrees into cubo- american vibes. bobi cespades invokes her yoruba ancestry and cuban roots inna cutting edge east oakland style.


"current players" by diaspora recordings via london and n.y.c.

diaspora recordings started in 1999 by jeffrey peacock.  four years on and a host of artists and releases to their credit, their scope of music has no boundaries. jeff is based in london, the label has also branched out to new york where keith blackstone heads promotions stateside. 

check out keith’s regular night in n.y. - chateau noir at falucka and a new monthly ‘harmony’ at the sullivan room, n.y. commencing 9th october.

once jeff makes it out the studio, you might catch him djing at various locations worldwide.



frankie feliciano w/ kenny bobien – “my joy” [ricanstruction]

steal vybe – “journey” [diaspora]

new sector movements – “sho you right” [virgin]

mustang remix – “nuclear war” [rush hour]

sweet abraham – “everything falls” [visions]

outkast – “from the whole world...” [arista]

peven everett  - “gabrielle” (edit) - family planning ep [main squeeze]

directions – “have you felt this way before” [diaspora in session]

donnie – “masterplan” (archangel remix) – [cdr]


"top twelve bbe releases. a football team and a super sub" (in alphabetical order) by ben jolly of barely breaking even clubs and promotion:

ben can be seen djing in and around london with pete adarkwah at "bubbling over" @ bar rumba on sundays; and at other one off's.



“adventures in lo-fi” king britt

“babies making babies” compiled by ?uestlove various artists

“disco forever” compiled by dimitri from paris various artists

“disco spectrum” compiled by dimitri from paris various artists

“do you wanna boogie?” (bbe / music works re-edit) two tons of fun

“funk rock” compiled by dj spinna and monty burns various artists

“love call” (restless soul peaktime remix) ramsey and co

“mad styles and crazy visions” compiled by little louie vega various artists

“maw tenth anniversary collection” various artists

“petestrumentals” pete rock

“que tal america?” (dimitri re-edit) two man sound

“strange games and things” various artists


current ten by g-man (in no order):

a french immigrant who developed a strong taste for house music in the early 90s...moved to the capital to experience the atmosphere of the parisian dancefloors and quickly embraced the sounds played by people like dj gregory, dj deep, eric rug and shazz... a few clubs nights and a weekly radio show quickly followed the move.

an old' smoke resident since 1998, he has worked for a while with vinyl junkies records store to help to promote deep underground music. 

check g-man's site: www.the-crystal-room.com 


kerri chandler – “yellow” [king street]

floetry – “getting late” [fall out]

maxine innis – “i appreciate” [jellybean]

stephanie cooke – “i never told you (you could stay)” [king street]

soul creation – “natural high” [bassclef]

aurra – “like i like it” (timmy regisford & boyd jarvis remix) [ten records]

umblu feat. cassio ware – “angel” [julm]

kenny bobien – “moody” [white]

red astaire – “follow me” [gamm 001]

house & garden – “the secret” [bootleg]


"current chart" by matt m (not in any particular order)

matt hosts a weekly mix show on www.routesinrhythm.com.  a website that he also runs and maintains.

"...apart from helping scared sparrows down from trees with ladders fashioned out of match sticks and sticky tape, i am a "multi-media" designer. >www.signor.com<


only child feat amp fiddler – “you bring me vibes” [grand central]

donnie – “cloud 9” (quentin harris shelter mix) [giant step/motown]

agent k feat. joy jones & vanessa freeman  – “hands” (feed the kat lp) [laws of motion]

rima feat. nicola kramer – “this world” (this world lp) [compost]

urusla rucker – “untitled flow” [k7]

terea – “pretty bird” (jazz bizniz) [counter point]

jack wilson – “gemstones” (jazz bizniz) [counter point]

maxine inniss – “i appreciate” [jellybean]

one way feat. al hudson – “music” [mca]

dee dee bridgewater – “sweet rain” (just family) [elektra]